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Elliott Cutting Horses

At Elliott Training Centre we provide the following services:

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Cutting and Working Cowhorse


  • Training and Showing--From selecting and starting your 2 year old prospects, to showing at Aged and Weekend Events.
  • Tune ups --  For Weekend Events/Shows on all age horses. 
  • Lessons --  For Non Pros and Amateurs, to help you in acheiving your goals in the show pen and for those who want to learn the basics and beyond for their own enjoyment at home.
  • Clinics -- Either here at the Training Centre or at your facility. As costs at facilities go up and booking dates gets more difficult, having your clinics at our centre can help in assisting you in these areas.
  • Selection of Prospects/Seasoned Show Horses -- Assistance in selecting your next prospect, either through evaluation of your existing prospect, or helping you find one.




  • Lessons -- As Horsemanship is the basis of all horse and rider knowledge and skills for any event or job, we offer both private and or group Lessons.  Many times Horsemanship lessons or refreshers are needed for those wanting lessons in cutting and or working cowhorse before proceeding in these areas. 
  • Clinics --  Either at our Training Centre or at your facility.  As many facilities costs go up and dates get booked, there is a benefit to having your clinic at our centre in helping to assist in these areas.

Colt Starting


• Colt Starting --- All disciplines require the same foundation, and that foundation needs to be in place and solid, to build on in the future.  Once it is in place, you can begin to branch off into various disciplines or performance events. We have started colts for various disciplines. 

•  Clinics ---  We are set up to do colt starting clinics indoors out of the elements at our training centre, or are available for your facility.

*  Facilities include:  

-- a 92 x 200 foot metal indoor arena, with 15 box stalls, wash rack, heated tack room, washroom, and office. 

 --flag to work horses on, as well we background our calves and therefore have cattle to work horses on year round.

--  a large outdoor riding arena.

--  a solid, secure, safe indoor round pen to start colts, 8 feet high to discourage distractions, and solid to ensure no feet or legs getting caught in crevasses or panels.

--  a new outdoor round pen for working cattle under construction.

Please contact us for current pricing on all services. 

We ask that all horses coming in for training are current on their vacinations and deworming.

Horses are required to stay a minimum of two months, unless it is for a tune up on an older horse that has no obvious problems, that only time can help work out, or horses being shown.  Clients are encouraged to put more training into their horses, but if the horse has come along in the two months to where he should be and the rider is comfortable with where the horse is, and their abilities to keep riding them, then we are comfortable sending the horses home at that time.

Payment is expected at drop off for the first month and within 10 days of the beginning of each further month.  Our months run 30 days.



"But ask the animals, and they will teach you,..Which of all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this?" Job 12: 7 & 9




Elliott Cutting Horses

Clifford and Sandra Anne Elliott

P. O. Box 235

Paynton, Saskatchewan S0M 2J0